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With abundant experience in athletics tourism and tourism in general, Saronic-Swims guarantee you a pleasant stay with distinct flavors combined with swimming excursions that for sure will make your holiday unique and unforgettable.

Escape from the Castle Event


You get the chance to participate in a unique adventure in which you use your swimming skills to escape from the castle and swim from 2500 m up to 5000 m to the nearest coast. Of course there will be full instructions and Spyros will help you all the way to make it.

Historical info

Bourtzi is a small island with an area of ​​30 acres at the eastern entrance of the port of Poros. On the island there was a castle from the Byzantine era yet, but what we see today was built during the Kapodistria era by the Bavarian philhellene Evdek. It is known that the small island was used as a naval base by the Byzantine fleet in the 7th century AD. The Byzantine admiral Nasar used it as a base to attack against the Saracens. There are also indications that there was a Venetian fortress, to be used during the action Morosini and his fleet in the area around 1687-1693. The current castle was built in 1826 by the Bavarian von Evdek (Carl Wilhelm von Heideck, 1788-1861) when he was chairman of the fundraising committee. The castle played an important role in the mutiny of 1831 started by Miaoulis. Miaoulis managed to seize the fortress where he placed  commandant master Falagka, to control the artillery and the narrow passages. From there he turned against Capodistria. It has been used by the Navy as an ammunition depot and in WWII the Germans used it also.


Lion Island Event

Modi is a small island in the Saronic gulf. It is south of Saronic gulf , and at the east side of Poros island. This small island called Modi or Lion Island because of its shape that its like a siiting lion.


On the northwestern side of the rocky islet of Modi, the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (H.I.M.A) identified a cargo of a shipwreck dating to the 12th century BC Furthermore, the study area forms great archaeological interest in the Greek sea area because in ancient times was an important springboard and was located in intermediar and frequented sea voyages of the Saronic Gulf.


The geophysical instruments used in this study was the subbottom profiler and side-scan sonar. The processing and data analysis enabled mapping the location of the wreck using modern marine geophysical methods, build detailed bathymetry maps and maps with the geomorphology of the seabed, detect traces (scarps) of submerged palaeocoast and determine the stratigraphic infrastructure of sea floor in the study area. Based on these data attempted reconstruction of the palaeogeographic evolution of the study area for the past 18,000 years.


In addition, in the study area, was identified a significant number of potential targets with archaeological importance. Our event will start from this island, Modi. A boat will take us there and will make a circle around to see all of the small island. After that all the participants with their swim guide will start their adventure.


An adventure distance of 6 km. The water there is clear blue and the most times you can see the ground very clear. The boat will follow all the participants during the “Swim the Lion Island adventure” to ensure their safe restitution to the Askeli beach…so….ready? LET’GO

Open Water SWIMMING RACES in Greece

Saronic-Swims participate almost in all the big swimming events in Greece. We can train you for any race that you want to take part. Give us the date of the race and let us plan for you all the programme that you have to follow, in order to participate and why not to win! Together we can arrange a tailor made package which include food, accomodation and of course trainning. Let us introduce our home… sea!

Some of the events that you can participate:
• Porosea
• Epidayros Action
• Spetses Mini Marathon

Midnight Swim Event

Try the most experience event! Swim under the moonlight and feel a part of nature. Relax and enjoy this event that Saronic-Swims can book for you and remember it for your whole life. Instructor will be follow you all the time that you will swim and coach you in any case.

Tip: Book this event especially in August where the moon is so unique!

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